The prison life of interwar Poland

All below pictures are reproduced courtesy of the Polish National Digital Archives

20290_10153584589294032_7838684367431564612_nPrisoners working at a forge, Święty Krzyż, 1933 – 1935.


1923897_10153584588634032_6989069903007324368_nPrison gallows, Inowrocław, 1933.


1933826_10153584589039032_1885289606926149792_nPrison governor debriefing prisoners, Nowy Sącz, 1932.


10274234_10153584588649032_8256170746435569828_nPrisoners assembling toys, Kalisz, 1927 – 1928.


12191852_10153584589529032_5113023181783630984_nPrisoners working at a shoemaker shop floor, Wiśnicz, 1933.


12512357_10153584589089032_4120765296605193090_nInside a prison classroom, Nowy Sącz, 1932.


12790849_10153584589124032_6811983422271695073_nPrisoners in a prison yard, Nowy Sącz, 1932.


12790862_10153584589304032_2455941718577584622_nPrisoners working in prison kitchen, Święty Krzyż, 1930 – 1939.


12791073_10153584589504032_8077212748685492766_nPrisoners weaving carpets, Wiśnicz, 1933.


12795284_10153584589149032_104336263175024613_nPrison activities for illiterate prisoners, Równo, 1920 – 1939.


12795346_10153584589419032_5083763690095925773_nPrison infirmary, Tarnów, 1927.


12795423_10153584588924032_1850458735116950937_nA prison hall, view from Kamienna Street, Kraków, 1934.


12799085_10153584588809032_3231193372261298298_nPrisoner transport, St Michael’s Prison, Kraków, 1933.



Tattooed prisoner, Święty Krzyż, 1933 – 1935.


12802831_10153584589379032_5941942406730007416_nPrisoner feeding a little roe deer, Święty Krzyż, 1933 – 1935.


12803160_10153584589559032_8665748172133573495_nPrisoners working in a quarry, Wiśnicz, 1933.


12804732_10153584589484032_5139196445897379148_nPrisoners attending a weaving workshop, Wiśnicz, 1928.


12805658_10153584588659032_4708379236462347094_nPrisoners operating lathes, Kalisz, 1927 – 1928.


12805886_10153584588754032_3745458512959515532_nPrisoners on the stage, Kielce, 1932.


12806262_10153584589634032_2237793221046638882_nPrison band, Wiśnicz, 1933.


12814019_10153584589129032_4973347321448806014_nThe prison gate in Nowy Sącz, 1932.



Prison guard standing outside the main prison entrance in Święty Krzyż, 1926.


12814719_10153584588694032_8783730523574472633_nPrison chaplaincy, Kalisz, 1927 – 1928.


12821429_10153584588889032_8892262183001962605_nPrisoners having a break, St Michael’s Prison in Kraków, 1933.


12821610_10153584589594032_8656569733708216224_nPrisoner playing a balalaika, Wiśnicz, 1933.


12829367_10153584588904032_3527570117075793878_oPrison guard tasting the meal prepared for prisoners, St Michael’s Prison, Kraków, 1933.


12832324_10153584588984032_4016380424398918517_nPrison yard, Kamienna Street, Kraków, 1934.


12832531_10153584588749032_874488212944709028_nPrisoners and prison guards captured after PE classes, Kalisz, 1920-1939.



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